mast1 [mast, mäst]
[ME maste < OE mæst, akin to Ger mast < IE * mazdos, a pole, rod > L malus, mast (< * madus with Sabine l for d), Ir maide, a stick]
1. a tall spar or, now often, a hollow metal structure, sometimes in sections, rising vertically from the keel or deck of a vessel and used to support the sails, yards, radar and radio equipment, etc.
2. a specified section of this [the topmast]
3. any vertical pole, as in a crane or derrick
4. a metal post for the support of a radio aerial or television antenna
5. [also M-] U.S. Navy a summary session held by the commanding officer to try minor offenses, hear requests, or give commendations: in full captain's mast
to put a mast or masts on
before the mast
[quarters for common sailors were formerly located forward of the foremast] Now Rare as a common sailor
mast2 [mast, mäst]
[ME maste < OE mæst, akin to Ger mast < IE base * mad-, moist, dripping (with fat, sap) > MEAT, Gr mastos, a breast]
beechnuts, acorns, chestnuts, etc., esp. as food for hogs

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